Coming soon...Akenia & Brandon! Can't wait to get this wedding blogged...LOVE this couple!!

Kim & Yancy - Wedding

I was a little behind in posting some of my favorites from Kim & Yancy's wedding, but here they are! Kim and Yancy were married at Ignited Church in Lakeland on August 2nd. (My dad's birthday!) They had a huge wedding party, which made for a super fun time! (I think there were 11 bridesmaids and 2 junior bridesmaids...double that to include the guys!) The reception was held at the Lake Mirror Center, which has an awesome view of the lake! Everything was absolutely beautiful. Kim and Yancy, I wish you all the best in love and life, always! Congratulations!!





















Vanessa & Gabe ~ August 10th, 2008

Hey, everyone! I'm so excited to post these images, I really love how they turned out! Last weekend I had the honor of second shooting for the fabulous Abby Liga at Vanessa and Gabe's wedding over in Orlando. It was held at the GORGEOUS Ballroom at Church Street. I'd never been there before, but it's easy to see why this tasteful couple would choose it as their ceremony and reception site. It's unbelieveable! Everywhere you turn makes for a beautiful photo opportunity. And that makes me happy! :)

(All of the images are below in a smaller size, but you can view them larger HERE!)

The Ballroom at Church Street
The outside of the Ballroom at Church Street.

The Dress
Vanessa's stunning dress.

The Flowergirls




Gabe knew how to work that bench!

Ocean's Seven
I just love this one! We called it the "Ocean's Seven" shot, hehe.

Almost time...
Only moments before the ceremony...

The Atrium
The atrium inside the Ballroom at Church Street. Stunning!

First Look



Unity Candle

Checking out the Rings
Checkin' out the new rings!

A Quiet Moment

Stealing Kisses


"Acting Natural"
The guys, trying to "act natural," as they put it, in front of the camera. Might need to work on that a bit!



Cake + Paparazzi!
Cake paparazzi!


This is one of my favorites of Abby in action! Love it!


Best Man


The Ballroom at Church Street at Night
It looks just as cool at night!

Sparkler Exit
The couple made a spectacular, sparkler exit.

For this shot I wanted to have the groomsman draw a heart in the air with his sparkler, but it didn't quite make it all the way around, then the sparkler went out before we could try again. Next time I'll get it!

Hope you enjoy these images! Big thanks to Abby for asking me along on another beautiful event. Soon I'll be posting Yancy and Kim's wedding...stay tuned!

Melissa's Bridal Session Slideshow

About a month before Melissa and Barry's wedding, we took Melissa out for a bridal session. The heat and humidity were brutal to fight against, but with Christie there as hair and makeup support and Scott as my assistant, everything went smoothly! Melissa was wonderful to work with, and looked gorgeous from the time we started until the very end...about three hot hours later. The firetruck images at the end were difficult to get; the lighting was terrible inside the station and it was dark outside...but I love that these photos were a special surprise for Barry, who is a firefighter! I'm pretty sure he got a kick out of 'em. :) Hope you enjoy the slideshow!

Melissa & Barry ~ Wedding Slideshow

A beautiful couple, and a beautiful wedding! Congratulations and happiness always to both of you!

We Made It!!

Yes, we made it back from our backpacking trip in one piece, and without seeing any bears! (Hopefully there were none eyeing us without our knowing!) It was definitely tough this year. We started at the Nantahala Outdoor Center (the "NOC") in North Carolina (we went on a fun rafting trip, first!) and hiked 30 miles north on the Appalachian Trail to Fontana Dam, where we ended our hike a day earlier than planned. The climbs and decents were brutal...we'd heard this was the toughest section of the trail south of New England, and I'm betting that's not a lie! Our little group faced challenging terrain, stormy weather, a scarce water supply, a homeless guy who lives on the trail, spiders, shelter mice, growling owls (ask Linda about that one, she thought it was a BEAR! LOL) and sheer exhaustion. But we also stood on top of mountains looking down at the clouds, felt the cold air of the Smokies on our faces, enjoyed our dehydrated meals like we were eating at the finest restaurant, bonded together in ways that no one else could understand unless they were there, and came away with the greatest reward one can receive: the confidence and satisfaction we all feel knowing that we accomplished what so few have. We overcame every obstacle and came out of the experience stronger because of it! I'd have to say the best part of the whole trip was seeing my Mom at our last shelter, waiting there to surprise us with a cooler of cold drinks and fruit as we emerged tired and weary from the woods! She had been staying a few hours away in Tennessee on vacation. What a great mom!! I could have cried I was so happy to see her, hehe. In fact, I believe I reverted to my 5-year old self, running/bouncing (with a 35 pound pack on my back, mind you) across the parking lot squealing, "Mommy! Mommy!" LOL So after all of that hardship and pain, am I done with hiking now? No way! We're already planning next year's trip!

"Hikers, ho" as we say!

Enjoy these few pix my mom and Linda took. I have a few, but I left my li'l camera with my mom in TN...oops!

~Zekeshem :)

Coming_down_the_homestretch Nancy_vaden_akarion_shem_at_start Girls_coming_down_trail P_nut_butter_goes_long_way Img_3394 Img_3395 Surprise_visit_from_shirley_at_fontana_dam_shelter Img_3399